• These new bench weighing scales are fitted with a weight indicator which can be mounted attached to the platform or fixable to the wall, thanks to the stretchable cable. The big 50mm LCD display allows to easily read the weight in any condition. Easy Carrying Built-in Handgrip Design. Available also CE-M APPROVED for legal for trade use.


  • Weighing Scales fitted with a large LCD backlit display, 5 x 50mm digits.
  • Membrane waterproof keypad.
  • Flexible indicator mounting system. It can be attached to the scale or placed up to 50cm away, on a table or fixed to the wall.
  • Weighing Scales plate in stainless steel, 280x330mm size.
  • Level bubble and adjustable feet are available as standard.
  • Easy Carrying Built-in Handgrip Design for an easy transport.
  • Built-in rechargeable battery (about 300h battery life) and 230 Vac power adapter.
  • Scales capacity and reading division are freely programmable, also in Double Range interval.
  • Adjustable weighing filter.
  • Operating Condition -10°C~40°C, with non-condensing R.H.<85%
  • Scale weight: 6kg.
  • Packaging: 480x310x190mm size – approximate weight of 7kg.


  • The APM weighing scales multifunctional program includes:
  • Zeroing
  • Semi-automatic tare
  • Automatic tare
  • Preset tare (PT)
  • Weight totalisation
  • Animal weighing
  • Counting
  • Weight check HI-OK-LO
  • Kg/lb conversion.


  • The main options of the “APM” weighing scales are the following:
  • – ACCREDIA calibration with issuing of relative certificate
  • – 3000e CE-M approval (with first Periodical Check included, 3 years validity)

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