Executed Projects

  • We have successfully executed a number of projects for our local and international client. Some of our successfully executed projects are:


  • Unilever Maga DC Warehouse Agbera
    Unilever Maga DC Warehouse Agbera
    Unilever Maga DC Warehouse Agbera
    Unilever Maga DC Warehouse Agbera
    Unilever Oregun
    Unilever Oregun
    Unilever Oregun
    Unilever Oregun
    Unilever Oregun
    Unilever Oregun

E-CHECKTOOL: Quick programming of the indicator

  • Programme on PC for optimising the weighing cycle; it’s possible to monitor the status of the inputs and outputs of the instrument, transmit serial commands for managing the automation, quickly modify the instrument parameters, graphically view and process the weighs in order to obtain the best weighing results.


  • 8 digital inputs and 16 outputs for command switch on the line.
  • 1 RS232/C serial port for managing a built-in printer, or labeller.
  • 1 RS232/C bidirectional port for data exchange with PC/PLC.
  • 1 RS485 bidirectional port for network connection with other devices and communication with PC/PLC.
  • 1 keyboard emulation input for connection to PC keyboard or bar code reader.


Bearing structure and frame in painted steel or in extra thick STAINLESS steel.

Loading platform with motor driven conveyor mat, with adjustable height and direction.

Rear handling and positioning wheels, and adjustment and fixing feet.

Adjustable weighing belt speed: from 10 to 40m/min, max 40 PCS/min (higher speed upon price estimate).

Electromechanical automation for belt command and 6 auxiliary relays (up to 5A 220V).

Fitted with pack presence and weigh end photo cells (for dynamic weighing), with adjustable reading distance.

Overall switch, emergency button, start/restart button, optical/acoustic alarm (in painted steel versions).

Easy to consult backlit LCD graphic display, with clear visualisation of the weight and automation status; selection of the language from the menu.

Selection of the data (totals, progressives, weight…) shown on the graphic LCD display.

Waterproof 25 key numerical-functional keyboard, which allows to easily enter the target, alphanumeric texts, codes, etc. IP65 protection degree of the front panel, against dust and sprays.

Keyboard functions completely configurable according to one’s requirements.

Real time clock and permanent memory data.

Built-in alibi memory, for CE-M transmission of the weight data to the PC or printer.

240Vac 50Hz power supply.

 Stainless steel version.

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